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June 9, 2023

If you're reading this, then you know that setting up a classroom can be a daunting task, and keeping the classroom organized can seem almost impossible. That's where these easy classroom organization hacks come in. They are simple ideas to make your spaces more efficient, and...well...organized. (Oh, and if you're looking for more back to school ideas, grab this FREE guide for teachers filled with nearly 100 pages!)

Here's a round up of 6 easy organization hacks to try in your classroom. 


If there's one thing that classrooms are notorious for, it's having a lot of supplies. Figuring out where to put all the work and craft supplies can be overwhelming. However, you can make your life easier with a shoe hanger. Just hang a clear, over-the-door shoe organizer on the back of your classroom door or up on a wall. Use the pockets to store small supplies like markers, calculators, and glue sticks.


Papers! Papers! Papers! A classroom is filled with papers. If we don't get a handle on all the handouts, they can overrun a classroom space. So, make your life a litter easier with hanging file folder crates. Use a portable file crate with hanging file folders to organize handouts, worksheets, and other papers. Label each folder with the corresponding subject or topic for easy access.


Here's an idea for your teacher desk area. To keep it tidy and organized, attach magnetic spice containers to a metal whiteboard or cabinet to store office items such as paper clips, pushpins, or rubber bands. They keep your supplies within reach and reduce desk clutter.


I'm not a big fan of all the wires associated with technology in the classroom, So, I've used this simple hack to keep them all in order. Simply use binder clips to keep computer and device cables organized. Attach them to the edge of desks or use a small basket to hold the clips and prevent cables from tangling.


Oh my goodness! This is one of my favorite ways to keep the classroom organized. Before the school year begins, gather supplies that students frequently use in small supply caddies or even plastic food containers. Then, when students are working, you can place small supply caddies or containers on student desks containing frequently used materials like pencils, highlighters, and scissors. This minimizes disruptions caused by students searching for supplies.


I used this hack in my middle school classroom to manage all the papers that students turn in and need handed back to them. I set up a central system of mailboxes for students. Use the mailboxes to give students important papers and to hand back graded work. Learn more in this blog post.
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I hope you found some ideas for organizing your classroom. Don't forget to grab even more FREE ideas for setting up your classroom here.

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