25 Engaging Ways to Review for a Test That Your Students will Love

January 27, 2024

The quest for the perfect test review is a challenge teachers face with every impending exam. If you're on the lookout for innovative and enjoyable ways to help your students prepare for their next test, you've landed on the right page! In this blog post, I'm sharing 25 interactive and downright delightful methods to transform the often-dreaded review process into a memorable and engaging experience.

From classroom karaoke sessions to escape room challenges, get ready to revitalize your approach to test preparation with these tried-and-tested strategies. 

  1. 1. Doodle Review Page:

  2. Make reviewing for any unit fun with this Doodle and Do activity! First, students complete a planning to page to collect critical information on the unit. Then, they turn the review information into a doodle page. It's meaningful and engaging! Grab a ready-made Doodle Unit Review here.

  3. 2. Quiz Show: Host a Jeopardy-style game with questions from the material. Divide the class into teams and let the friendly competition begin!

  4. 3. Flashcard Relay: Write review questions on flashcards. Organize a relay race where students have to correctly answer a flashcard question before passing it to the next teammate.

  5. 4. Mnemonic Madness: Encourage students to create catchy mnemonics or acronyms to remember key concepts. They can present them to the class for added fun.

  6. 5. Gallery Walk: Set up the classroom with different stations featuring key concepts. Students can move around, discuss, and jot down essential information at each station.

  1. 6. Stump the Student:

  2. This is a fun and easy way to review material with students. Kids create questions to "stump" their classmates based on their learning. Find a FREE set of playing cards here.

  3. 8. Musical Chairs Review: Place review questions on chairs and play music. When the music stops, students must find a chair and answer the question on it.

  4. 9. Storyboard Presentations: Have students create visual storyboards summarizing the main points. They can present their stories to the class.

  5. 10. Interactive Kahoot! Quizzes: Use platforms like Kahoot! to create interactive quizzes. Students can compete individually or in teams using their smartphones.

  1. 11. How to Study Lessons:

  2. We tell our students to study for tests all the time, but often we forget to teach them HOW to actually study for exams! That’s where this Study Skills resource comes in. Teach students critical ways to prepare for testing with this Doodle and Do resource. Find learning stations and doodle pages here.

  3. 12. Review Bingo:

  4. Develop bingo cards with terms or concepts. Call out definitions, and students mark the corresponding terms on their cards.

  5. 13. DIY Board Games: Have students design and create their board games based on the material. They can play each other's games for review.

  6. 14. Mind Map Madness: Encourage students to create mind maps connecting different concepts. This visual representation can help in understanding relationships.

  7. 15. Speed Dating Review: Arrange a "speed dating" activity where students pair up, discuss a concept for a few minutes, and then rotate to a new partner.

  8. 16. Mock Talk Show: Transform your classroom into a talk show set. Students can take on the roles of experts discussing key topics related to the test.

  1. 17. Spelling Games:

  2. Help students study for spelling tests with this set of five games. Each game is designed to get students actively involved with studying their spelling words. Find all 5 FREE games, directions, and materials HERE.

  3. 18. Doodle Notes: Allow students to create doodle notes summarizing important information. This artistic approach can enhance memory retention.

  4. 19. Scavenger Hunt: Hide questions or clues around the classroom or school. Students work in teams to find and answer them.

  5. 20. Digital Quizizz Tournament: Host a Quizizz tournament where students can compete online in real-time, making review exciting and tech-friendly.

  6. 21. Pop Quiz Charades: Combine the suspense of a pop quiz with the fun of charades. Students act out terms or concepts for their peers to guess.

  1. 22. Escape Room Challenge: Design a mini escape room with clues related to the material. Students must solve puzzles and answer questions to "escape." Find ready-to-use escape rooms to review reading and grammar skills here.

  2. 23. ABC Countdown: Create a countdown where each letter represents a review question. Students answer questions related to the letter of the day.

  3. 24. Interactive Whiteboard Games: Utilize interactive whiteboards for games like Pictionary, matching games, or virtual quizzes.

  4. 25. Story Cubes:

    Use story cubes with images related to the material. Students roll the dice and create a story incorporating the images.

Save time with these ready made review resources!

--- Doodle and Do Unit Review - use with any unit!
--- Free Spelling Games - 5 games to help review any spelling unit!
--- Stump the Student - playing cards for a review game!
--- Doodle and Do - How to Study for a Test - learning stations and doodle pages!
--- Escape Room Challenges - Based on art masterpieces and reviewing grammar and reading!

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Mary Beth

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