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That's Me!

Hi there! I’m Mary Beth and I spend a TON of my time dreaming of ways to make teaching and learning more fun!

Like you, I have an educator’s heart, and I’m constantly striving to create the best lessons to help students love learning!

While I feel like I’ve been a teacher all of my life (flashback to the school I set up in my basement as a child), I’ve spent the majority of my career in the middle school classroom.

My passion for education has even taken me overseas where I taught in Africa, Belize, and England, too. I feel so fortunate to have realized my dream of becoming a teacher in classrooms around the world.

Teaching overseas in Belize
That's Me!

When I'm not dreaming up fun lesson plans, you can find me at HomeGoods or Target. I love decorating and finding gifts for family and friends.

I've also recently started golfing! Since I'm not a natural athlete, this is a pretty interesting sight to see, but I'm doing it to spend time with the boys in my life. Speaking of boys, we have two sons. They're funny, creative, and I'm pretty certain they were put on this planet to make sure that I keep learning and growing.

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