Free Valentine's Day Bookmarks: Fun and Easy Classroom Activity or Valentine's Day Gift

January 22, 2023


I love celebrating holidays like Valentine's Day in the classroom. I also love encouraging students to read. So, what's better than a free Valentine's Day gift that combines a Valentine's Day message with a bookmark? Nothing! I'm so excited to share these free Valentine's Day bookmarks with you. They work perfectly as Valentine that teachers can give to students. Or, you can print these for a single student to give classmates. Oh...and you could even use the bookmarks as a classroom celebration activity where students make the bookmarks for each other. They're very versatile and so much fun! 

I have a feeling that you're going to love this FREE set of Valentine's Day cards that come in the form of bookmarks. 

Here's why I'm crazy about them...

--- They are easy to make.

--- Their message is sweet.

--- They can be used immediately as a bookmark.

--- They are perfect to give to students or for students to make for others.

--- Oh, and best part? They are free and ready to print right here.

After you print the Valentine's Day bookmarks, follow these simple steps:

1. Color in the rocket ship shape. There are 3 different options. You could also just print the rockets on colored paper. Cardstock works especially well.

2. Then, cut out the rocket ship shape and 3 pieces of yarn (about 10 inches long).

3. Next, punch three holes along the bottom edge of the rocket shape.

4. Fold a piece of yarn in half. Thread it into a hole at the fold. Then, pull the ends of the yarn through the loop. Finally, pull the yarn tight. (Repeat with the other 2 pieces of yarn).

(Don't forget to fill in the "TO" and "FROM.")

Just like that, you'll be ready to give a sweet, fun, and meaningful bookmark to someone special. Again, you can easily make these for your own students. Or, you can allot class time to have students make some bookmark Valentines of their own.

Everything you need to make these simple Valentines is right here.


Mary Beth

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