Free Cards to Give Students at the End of the School Year - Easy End of Year Gift for Kids

May 22, 2023

As the school year comes to a close and festive celebrations fill the air, teachers everywhere are searching for the perfect end-of-the-year gesture to express gratitude and appreciation for their students. Amidst the flurry of final projects, report cards, and classroom packing, finding a unique and thoughtful gift idea can be a bit overwhelming. Look no further, dear educators! 

In this blog post, I'm sharing a FREE end of the year gift card that you can give to students. Get it sent to your inbox by adding your information below. Just add your email and then your first name.

    The "sweet" cards are designed to capture your students' hearts but also leave a lasting impression of an unforgettable school year. 

    These cards make great gifts for students at the end of the school year. The popsicle theme makes them fun and festive. They’re simple to make and sweet to share. Enjoy!

    To make the cards...

    ➧ Download the FREEBIE here.

    ➧ Choose the color or black and white versions of the popsicle shapes. 
    ➧ Make enough copies of the popsicle shapes for your students.

    ➧ Choose the message or messages that you will be adding to the back of the popsicle shapes.
    ➧ Make enough copies of the messages for your students.

    ➧ Cut out the popsicle shapes.
    ➧ If you printed the black and white version, you might want to color in the popsicles.

     ➧ Cut out the messages.

    ➧ Glue the messages to the back of the popsicle.

    You can personalize the cards by…

    ∎ Writing each student’s name on the stick.

    ∎ Adding a short note to the message card.

    ∎ Signing the message card.


    ➧ Have students make these cards for each other. Simply print off the black and white popsicle shapes and give students a chance to color in the popsicles before cutting them out. Then, students can write their own messages to a classmate on the back.

    ➧ Glue the popsicle shape on a folded piece of scrapbook paper to make a card. Write a personalized note inside.

    ➧ Attach the paper popsicle shapes to real popsicle sticks. Just cut off the paper popsicle stick and attach a real stick with glue or tape.

    ➧ Host a popsicle party as you distribute the cards. 

    Add your information below to receive the free cards in your inbox.

      I hope your students love these "sweet" cards!

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Mary Beth

      P.S. I have a TON of end of the year ideas right here. Be sure to check them out!


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