Calming Classroom Posters - Free Calming Corner Decor

January 24, 2022

Classrooms are busy and sometimes stressful places. Our students have a lot of feelings and emotions to process throughout the day. Sometimes our students need gentle reminders to slow down and calm down. That's why I created this set of FREE Calming Classroom Posters. 

These posters are designed to be a proactive tool to help students feel encouraged and safe in their classrooms. They are designed to be simple so that students can easily find actionable tools and messages for creating a positive outlook. Display these posters to bring a little calming touch to your classroom. 

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These posters are designed to be versatile. You might... 

--- Designate an area of the classroom as a Classroom Calming Corner or a Peaceful Space.  Display these posters in that space. 

--- Hang these posters on a single bulletin board to create a meaningful and impactful display. 

--- Highlight a poster's message once a week. Then, host a discussion about the poster's message. 

--- Use the poster's message as a springboard for writing prompts. 

--- Challenge students to design and display their own calming posters for the classroom. 

--- Share these posters with other teachers. Display them in common spaces to help educators feel calm, too. 

I hope you find a use for these posters in your classroom! Add your information here and then just check your email inbox!  

Thanks for stopping by! 
Mary Beth 

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