Book Report Ideas (that kids actually enjoy!)

January 22, 2022


Let's say goodbye to boring book reports for good! Today, I'm sharing 7 of my favorite ways to get students to report on the books that they have read. These ideas combine creativity, rigor, and engagement so that students actually enjoy reporting out on their reading. And...there's enough variety in these activities that you'll be able to tap into a variety of learning styles all year long.

1. Doodle Book Review - Exclusive FREEBIE!

Oh baby! There's nothing better than doodles to get students excited about learning. In the doodle book review, students complete planning pages before creating a doodle-themed, one-page book report. 

This book review is accessible and fun...and since I know your students will LOVE IT, I'm providing an exclusive FREE DOODLE BOOK REVIEW.

2. Book Report Mobile

Here's a fun twist on a classic book report. It's a paper book mobile. The Clothes Hanger Book Report works with any fiction book. The highly detailed planning pages are designed so that students can work on the project in class or independently outside of school. The end result is a vivid, comprehensive book report that students love.

3. Book Talk

Book talks are a wonderful way for students to demonstrate their understanding of  the books they read while practicing their writing and speaking skills. The only problem is, students often don't know where to start. That's where this FREE Book Talk resource comes in. Students learn about book talks before completing a pre-write. Then, they write a final copy. After learning about how to give a book talk, they're ready to report on their present their book talks.

4. Literature Circles
Looking for a fun way to get students involved in their reading? Then, you are going to love the Doodle Literature Circle roles. A literature circle is when a small group of students gather to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by students’ responses to Literature Circle Role handouts. 

Each doodle-style handout will have students thinking critically about the text and of course, doodling to heighten their engagement and connection to their reading. The handouts are completed before the literature circle discussions. Then, during the literature circle, small groups gather and engage in critical thinking as they read, discuss and respond to texts together.

5. File Folder Book Project

I love this book project because it's designed for students to complete all on their own. That means that they can create a unique file folder covered in plot details, character analysis, setting description, a personal reflection as part of an independent reading project. 

This project is super adaptable too. You can also use it for a class-wide novel study or even a summer reading project. And my favorite part is that the final file folders are a great addition to your classroom library. Future readers can easily reference the file folders to get a review of a book before reading the book on their own.

6. Creative Reading Response Tasks

Here are 20 creative ways to get students to report out on their reading. These creative Reading Response Tasks give students an opportunity to share their thoughts and interpretations about their reading in engaging ways. The activities tap into current social media trends as well as traditional writing styles. Along with the 20 fun and educational reading response activities, you’ll also find everything you need to set up a reading response program or journal in your classroom. Let the reading (and fun!) begin!

7. Task Cards and Doodle Poster

What happens when a great book, creative task cards and engaging doodle notes combine? A Doodle and Do resource, of course! I've created Doodle and Do resources for Freak the Mighty, Walk Two Moons, Wonder, and Tuck Everlasting. In each of these resources, students will respond to 12 fun task cards with 2 pages of doodle notes. The task cards require students to write, chat, swap, and draw in response to specific questions about the book. Then, students add their responses to fun doodle notes for the novels.

I hope you have found some fresh ideas for book reports!

Here are the links...
7. Task Cards and Doodle Poster - Freak the Mighty, Walk Two Moon, Wonder, and Tuck Everlasting

Don't forget to grab the FREE Doodle Book Review!

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