End of the School Year Checklist for Teachers

May 21, 2023

Yahoo! If you're reading this then you made it to the end of a school year. That's no small feat! It's not easy guiding students through a year of learning with passion, kindness, and inspiration. You deserve a standing ovation and a little help making the end of the school year as easy as possible. So, I've compiled all the end of the school year tasks that you may want to complete in this post. 

Don't worry, you can print a downloadable FREE version of the checklist right here. (BONUS! I've included a personal reflection and letter to parents inside the freebie, too).

Since every classroom is different, some of these tasks may not apply to you and your students. Just skip those or tweak them as needed!

➤ Review and organize files and folders on computer

➤ Sort and declutter materials, books, and supplies

➤ Organize classroom spaces for an easy start to the next year

➤ Pack, label, and store items not needed over the summer

➤ Prepare a list of items needed for the next year

➤ Give students a personalized gift or write a kind note

➤ Provide students with opportunities to reflect on the school year

➤ Plan an outdoor picnic or field day to build commodore

➤ Complete final grading for all students.

➤ Return graded assignments and provide feedback to students.

➤ Update student records and report cards.

➤ Analyze assessment data for future planning.

➤ Plan final lessons that engage students

➤ Print and share a summer reading project

➤ If necessary, begin to plan summer school lessons

➤ Plan, copy, and prepare for back-to-school lessons including the first day of school and first units

➤ Write a note to parents reflecting on the school year (See free download)

➤ Collaborate with colleagues to ensure a smooth transition for incoming students

➤ Compose a  letter to future students that you can send during the summer

➤ Take down outdated classroom displays

➤ Replace or prepare blank spaces for back-to-school classroom displays

➤ Arrange furniture or create a layout for the next school year

➤ Clean and sanitize all surfaces

➤ Reflect on personal teaching practices and experiences (see free download)

➤ Consider lessons and units to repeat, eliminate, and improve

➤ Seek out professional development opportunities for the summer

➤ Set personal and professional goals for the next school year


I've saved the most important task for last...

 Rest, relax, and rejuvenate during your well-deserved summer break!

Thanks for stopping by!
Mary Beth

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